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The US Pharmaceutical Outsourcing & Packaging Conference

Virtual Event

20th 21st July 2021


The US Pharmaceutical Outsourcing and Packaging conference is going virtual to provide the annual  overview of the US Pharmaceutical industry.

The conference addresses the changing and issues associated with outsourcing and packaging in an uncertain market. Discussions will also surround the drivers for outsourcing strategies and implementations and what to consider when deciding what packaging company to use. 

The conference will draw together industry figures within the Pharmaceutical industry to discuss the most pertinent issues facing them in outsourcing and packaging.

​Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Biotech Outsourcing Service Models

  • The Potential and Drawbacks of Domestic and International Outsourcing

  • Biopharma Outsourcing - Global Regulatory and Environmental Quality Update

  • Keeping Up To Date Outsourcing Strategies in the Altering Landscape

  • Outsourcing Strategy Implementation & Selection 

  • Understanding Your Sponsor Choice of Strategy

  • Directing Site Sourcing and Contracting

  • Management Strategy and Innovation for Pharmaceuticals

  • Outsourcing and Management Improvement and Modernisation

  • Sourcing and Procurement – The Best Strategy

  • Technologies to Safeguard Your Product and Provide Accurate Dosing

  • Implementing Systems to Ensure Security, Traceability and Validity

  • Adaptable Labelling Systems & Other Applications that are Versatile/Customizable

  • Extending the Life Cycle with Materials and Containers

  • Other Industries & their Cross Over Solutions such as Personal Care, Food etc.

  • Improving Adherence

  • How to Tackle Counterfeiting

  • Biologics – Keeping Pace with Biologics

  • Environment – An Eco-Friendly Future 

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